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Q- Is there an estimated shipping cost & shipping time?

A- During the checkout process, the cost of shipping and shipping time will be calculated based on your order.

Please fill in your shipping address and zip code while checking out, and the system will provide you with an estimated shipping fee and shipping time.

Q- What warranty Does "X" Provide?

A- All manufacturers provide different warranties for their individual products, For more information feel free to contact us at

Q- Does my product require an import license?

A- No. Most products are shipped from USA so no import license is required. For products Shipped out of USA, Duty may be applied.

For resins: If you are located in Mexico, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, or Lithuania, please note that you will need to hold a chemical import license to import resins.

Please note that China DOES NOT allow the import of resins.

For curing lamps: If you are located in Mexico, you will need an import license to import UV curing lamps as well.

For more information, Contact us at