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In 2014, a group of young doctors and researchers from MIT, Kent University and other institutions have grouped together to solve the need for 3D technologies needed for various applications such as face recognition & modeling, machine vision and more.

They designed and tested high-quality, easy-to-use, and cost-effective 3D scanners and cameras and since then have been investing heavily on development of core technologies such as optical micro structured light chips and a novel coding algorithm, making it possible to produce highly intelligent and accurate 3D Scanners and Cameras.

In 2019 Revopoint 3D Technologies Inc. Was officially founded and has become an international entity to deliver these 3D technologies ,products and solutions to the North-American market and the rest of the world.


And after years of experience in the industry, Revopoint 3D has been granted several patents on core technologies. The products meet not only customer’s requirements but also the IsO9001 certification.

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    Revopoint POP 2.0 Portable 3D Scanner - 3D Printernational
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