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Collection: Slice Engineering

Slice Engineering has re-imagined how a hotend is designed and structured from the ground up. The materials in each part of the Copperhead and Mosquito hotends have been hand-selected to perform a specific task to optimize your printer’s performance with three goals in mind: lightning speed, beautiful resolution, and increased durability.

Why buy an expensive 3D printer but have a cheap hotend? It’s the most important component in your 3D printer because its sole job is to melt the plastic into printable lines.

Frustrated by a lack of reliability? Heat Creep? Jamming? A hotter hotend fixes that, and Slice hotends are rated to 500 °C.

If reliability isn't your main concern, how about performance? Frustrated by how long it takes your projects to print? Get a high-flow Mosquito Magnum hotend that uses the same Rep Rap style nozzles, but prints up to 30% faster.

Need to print engineering-grade plastics? Any of the Slice hotends are up to the task. That means you can print car parts, medical devices, and whatever else you can dream up, and you don’t have to buy an entirely new printer to do the job.

Slice Engineering is a patent holder and manufacturer of these incredible hotends and printer parts

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